Chris Ahern

chris bracelet

Born and raised in Hereford, studied at Hereford Art College he walked into a jewellers 22 years ago and enquired about apprenticeships in the trade. Given the opportunity Chris began his career, working with highly skilled artisans he began learning all aspects of jewellery design, manufacture and repair. He has worked in Portugal and Ireland whilst travelling, favouring a low tech approach with minimal tools. It was on the road that Chris first started wood carving, using wood he collected from the locality.

Chris specialises in hand made jewellery with a celtic twist, either using classic celtic design or making his own interpretations of knotwork and pattern in silver, copper and gold.

Having spent many years repairing jewellery Chris tends toward a robust style, however, he also works on commission in many styles and materials.

Equipped now with fine skills and inspired by Celtic design, Greek classical style and recently anglo-saxon patterns as discovered in the Staffordshire hoard. He now lives and works in Pembrokeshire where he finds the natural beauty, pace of life and mixed racial influences both satisfying and creative.