Hugo Colville


Hugo Colville PhotoThe first random marks have no preconceived plan. Little by little they start to dictate, suggest, how the drawing could develop. I look for those essential shapes that don’t bore me. Now for the placing and shaping – fitting it all together. The idea or composition arises from beavering away. After much attentiveness, the drawing may find what it wants to be-come. There is no imitation of natural appearance – resemblance – mimesis. The lines are merely wanting to enhance one another. Maybe in a small corner a bit of truth ignites, stumbles towards something worth while. From the unforeseen to the rational, after much adding, illimating, refining, paring down, the relationship between, the linkage, maye now hold things together. In the end the hope is to be left with an ‘alive’ drawing rather than a life drawing. Today, like most days, I shall tackle a line. Nulla dies sine linea – No day without a line.

Selected exhibitions: – Piers Feetham Gallery, Fulham London SW6. Yew Tree Gallery, Stroud, Glos. Bartley Drey Gallery, Chelsea London SW3. Carlyle Gallery London SW3. The Boundary Gallery, London NW8. Llys Meddyg, Newport Pembs, Wales. MOMA, Machynlleth, Wales. 1969 – 1970 Drama Studio London, American Conservatory Theatre San Francisco. 1971 Jaques Lecoq Theatre and Mime School Paris, Decroix Theatre School, Paris. 1973 – 1976 Travelling Theatre in France. 1979 “Beewulf” at the National Theatre and on tour. 1988 – 1992 Worked with trees, making charcoal, building yurts, taught French and Latin.