Steve Lucking

steve lucking stool

Born in Birmingham and educated at Dudley High School, Birmingham Grammar Technical College. It was the music scene that attracted me. My interest in music technology started in the 60’s and progressed through the 70’s. By the 1980’s I had a PA hire company and manufacturing business, life was full off live music tours and manufacturing of speaker cabinets and flight case building.

I moved to Pembrokeshire in 1998 with a view to make furniture and speakers systems for Notting Hill Carnival, local venues and musicians. Woodwork has played a large part in my life from technical speaker designs to ‘real’ wood accessories, children’s toys and ‘cottage’ furniture.

I spend a lot of time sourcing nice wood from local trees ( always using windfall and tree surgery) We have a wealth of good wild trees in Pembrokeshire and most have good character when cut into boards – loads of knots, colour and grain flow. I have a solar kiln in the garden and a range of traditional hand tools and a few low tech machines -very low carbon footprint.

Designs sometimes come from the wood itself, other times wood has to be specifically chosen to create the right effect. I also make bespoke pieces and also take commissions. There’s a wood for everyone and you’ll love it.